Loctite 263 (High Temperature)

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Make: Loctite.

Type: 263 (High Strength High Temperature Thread Sealant)

Qty: 50ml.

State: Liquid.


Curing Time: Approx 10- 15 Mins.

Application: Seal Thread, avoiding leakage at high pressure.

Usage: After applying Teflon tape on threads pour three to four drops of Loctite® 263 on the thread and seal the threads using spanner to make a tight fit and avoid pressure drop / Leakages.

Loctite® 263 High Strength Thread locker is a Versatile, high strength liquid threadlocker. Reliably locks and seals metal fasteners up to 1 in. Engineered to cure consistently on a variety of metals, despite minor surface contaminants. Works on steel, stainless steel and most plated fasteners. Tolerates thread lubrication, corrosion protection anti-fluids. Rated for 360°F (180°C). Heat required for removal. Features High performance on various metals. Improved temperature resistance (180°C). Improved oil resistance.

Your benefits

§  Ideal for fine threads as used in hydraulic, pneumatic & general fittings

§  Suitable for metal threads only

§  Instant low-pressure seal

§  Resistant to fuel, oil, coolants and hydraulic fluids

§  Locks connection against vibration loosening

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