Pressure Gauge Bottom Connection 3/8 BSP (150MM / 6" Dial)

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Brand: Hi-Tech

Make: Indian.

Standard: ISO (9001:2000) Certified Company.

Case: Steel Black Coated.

Accuracy: 1% FSD As Per Class EN-837-1.

Thread: 3/8 BSP Bottom Connection.

Panel Mounting: N.A.

MOC: Brass.

Working Parts: Brass

Class: Commercial.

Glycerine Filled: N.A.

Calibration: On Special Request Please Call.

Working Medium: Air, Water, Oil, Gas.

Ideal For All Types Of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Defence And Atomic Industries,  Oil And gas, Chemicals And Petrochemicals Industries, Infrastructure and Coal Plants, Cement and Fertilizers and All Process and manufacture industries.

For most working fluids where a fluid exists in a closed system, gauge pressure measurement prevails. IGLELE supplies pressure gauges according to international standards.

Stainless Steel Gauges are used for corrosive media & challenging ambient environment. All joints are argon welded applications where vibration & pulsating media is a factor. Vibration leads to wear and tear of internal parts and causes the gauge to damage and an unsteady pointer reading. Glycerine or Silicon filling smoothens the movement of internal gears & parts and also reduces the fluttering of pointer to give a steady reading. These gauges are available with either brass internals or SS internals.


We Do Also Supply Special Purpose Or SS Working part temperature And Pressure Gauges. We Do Also Supply Heavy Duty Gauges, Safety Gauges, Test Gauge, Master Pressure Guages, Electric contact part Gauges, Diaphragm seal Pressure Guages, Compact Seal Flanged gauges, Sanitary Pressure Gauges, Homogenizer Guages, Mud Pressure Guages, And All Types of Temperature Gauges With Varied Mountings.


 No guarantee for Grade Purity, breakage or thickness leakage for commercial and light duty Gauges. Pressure and accuracy rating for each gauges may vary no guarantee will be provided for the same. The sizes, images and dimension may vary according to the different range of product. Please Confirm the exact details before placing the order. Thickness may vary according to different size and quality. Contact us for in depth technical details. T.C will be provided on special request for heavy duty gauges only. We recommend you to order heavy duty gauges where highest reliability is required. No refund will be made for wrong size order. 

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