Rubber Caster Wheel (Commercial)

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Brand: Masaf / Equivalent.

Material: Rubber And Metal.

Type: Steel Ball / Bearing For Swivel Base Rotation.

Industrial casters are heavy duty casters that are designed to carry heavy loads, in some cases up to thirty thousand pounds. An Industrial caster may have either a swivel or rigid caster design. Industrial casters typically have a flat top plate that has four bolt holes to ensure a sturdy connection between the top plate and the load. They are used in a variety of applications including dolly carts, assembly turntables, heavy duty storage racks, holding bins, tow lines, maintenance equipment, and material handling mechanisms. In early manufacturing, industrial caster bodies were typically fabricated from three separate, stamped metal parts, which were welded to the top plate. Today, many industrial caster bodies are made by laser cutting the body from a single metal blank and then using a press brake to shape the legs to the required ninety degree angle, thus producing a mechanically stronger device. Various factors affect industrial caster performance. For example, larger wheel diameters and widths provide higher weight capacity by distributing the load's weight across a larger wheel surface area. Also, harder wheel materials (e.g., cast iron, high profile polyurethane) are less sensitive to and tend to not track dirt and debris on floors.


No guarantee for Breakage of caster wheels. Weight capacity for each wheels s varies of different sizes no guarantee will be provided for the same, The sizes, images and dimension may vary according to the different range of product. Please Confirm the exact details before placing the order. Thickness may vary according to different size and quality. Contact us for in depth technical details. T.C will be provided on special request for heavy duty wheels only. We recommend you to order heavy duty wheels where highest reliability is required. No refund will be made for wrong size order.

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