Copper Base High Temperature Grease

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Make: Kopal / Equivalent

Type: Copper Based High Temperature.

Qty: 1000 gms (1Kgs).

Color:Whitish Yellow.

Range: -20o C (-4o F) to 800o C (1472o F)

Made with High Viscosity Synthetic Base Oil (PAO: Polyalfa Olefin), Tungsten Disulfide particles and Special additives. The Grease has Dropping Point higher then 320oC in the Temperature range -20o C to 800o C.

It has excellent service life, superior stability and excellent load bearing properties.

The Grease has:

·         Lowest Coefficient of Friction compared to other High Temperature Grease

·         Excellent Extreme Pressure (EP) properties due to Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) particles. Load bearing property of Tungsten Disulfide is @ 300,000 psi.

·         High resistance to water, rust and humid environment.

·         Excellent mechanical stability under high shear.

·         EP properties and strong resistance to abrasion means the grease is ideal for high load and impact load applications.

·         Ideal properties for Bearing Grease application.

·         High dropping point which means it does not solidify at higher temperatures

Rates of the following products are subject to change without prior notice.

No guarantee for breakage or thickness leakage for commercial and light duty Fittings. Pressure rating for each fittings varies of different sizes no guarantee will be provided for the same, The sizes,images and dimension may vary according to the different range of product. Please Confirm the exact details before placing the order. Thickness may vary according to different size and quality. Contact us for in depth technical details. T.C will be provided on special request for heavy duty fittings only. We recommend you to order heavy duty filings where highest reliability is required. No refund will be made for wrong size orde

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