Pu Flow Control Valve Equal Pneumatic FCV

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Brand : Imported (Aeroflex/Phoenix/Equivalent).

Material : Aluminum & Plastic.

Pressure Rating : Upto 10-12 kg/cm2.

Type :Pneumatic.

Working Medium : 40 Micron Filtered Air

Operating Temprature : 5-50*C

Pneumatically control valves are valves that control the flow of pressurised air. One of the most common types of controlling valves is the needle valve. Needle Valves are used to control the rate of flow in a pneumatic system by controlling flow in both directions. Material enters the input port, travels through an adjustable orifice and out the output port. Another medium such as water (hydraulics) or electricity, for example, may also be used as an actuator.In some cases, the valves are operated manually rather than automatically.

We Do Also Make Custom Made Pneumatic Fittings As Per Customer Requirements.


No guarantee for Grade Purity, breakage or thickness leakage for commercial and light duty Valves. Pressure rating for each valves varies of different sizes no guarantee will be provided for the same, The sizes, images and dimension may vary according to the different range of product. Please Confirm the exact details before placing the order. Thickness may vary according to different size and quality. Contact us for in depth technical details. T.C will be provided on special request for heavy duty valves only. We recommend you to order heavy duty valves where highest reliability is required. No refund will be made for wrong size order.

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